Theme 5


Emeritus Prof. Siri Hettige
Dr. Nishara Fernando 

Theme 4


Emeritus Prof. Sarath Kotagama
Dr. Chaminda Bandara

Theme 06

Research, Invention and Innovation

Prof. Ajith De Alwis
Mr. Manju Gunawardena
11.10 – 11.20 am

Abstract ID: SCO-01

Innovations in Teaching and Learning in Distance Mode during COVID-19 in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh

Gamage S.N*1, Zaber M2

Abstract ID: ENO-01

Impact of COVID-19 Lockdown on Air Quality of Sri Lankan Cities

Senarathna M*1,2, Jayaratne R3, Morawska L3, Guo Y4, Knibbs L5, Abeysundara S6, Weerasooriya R1, Bowatte G1,7,8

Abstract ID: RSO-07

Development of Microorganism Diverting and Clearing Device to Mitigate the Risks Involved in Ambu Ventilating Patient Diagnosed with or Suspected to have a Contagious Respiratory Tract Infection, Including COVID-19.

Ariyarathna N.R.S*, Wageesha N.D.A and  Mahawithanage S.T.C

11.20 – 11.30 am

Abstract ID: SCO-02

Risk Communication and Building Trust: Lessons from COVID-19

Bandaranayake R*1, Abeywardana D2, Sosa D.S3, Wang R3
Abstract ID: ENO-02

Rethinking Urban Water Cycle in View of COVID-19 in Sri Lankan Scenario

Vithanage M.S*

Abstract ID: RSO-08

QR Code Based Application Approach for Issuing Smart Curfew Passes

Herath H.M.G.G.K*, Etulgama H.M.R.B, Rathnathilaka R.W.M.D.D and Herath H.M.K.G.C.B
11.30 – 11.40 am

Abstract ID: SCO-03

Impact of COVID-19 on Socio–Economic Status and Food Security of Tea Smallholders in Sri Lanka

Nadeeshani K.W.N*1, Shyamalie H.W1, Rathnayaka A.M.T1, Wimalarathne W.T.R.P2

Abstract ID: ENO-03

Post COVID-19 Agriculture: The Way Forward

Kulasooriya S.A*, Seneviratne G, Seneweera S

Abstract ID: RSO-09

Development of a Pneumatically Driven, Time-Cycled Ventilator with User Determined Volume and Pressure Control Capability

Dampage U*, Pullaperuma D.S.P, Gunaseela J, Dissanayake P and Bandara D
11.40-11.50 am

Abstract ID: SCO-04

Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on the Learning Process of Undergraduates: Current and Future Implications

Pathberiya H.A*, Rajanayagam N, Gunaratne L and  Amarasinghe P
Abstract ID: ENO-04

Rethinking Urban Public Space Design in the Adaptive Re-Use of Built Environment in the Post Pandemic Era

Kawshalya L.W.G*, Dissanayake C, Weerasinghe U.G.D, Chandrasekara D.P, Dharmasena S.W.J.H

Abstract ID: RSO-10

Drone Network to Combat Impending COVID-19 Pandemic Conditions

Dampage U, De Alwis S, Jayah I and Thuduwage V

11.50-12.00 pm Abstract ID: SCO-05

State response to COVID-19 in Sri Lanka and Uncovering Social Distancing Experience in Socio-Cultural Context

Liyanage C*

Abstract ID: ENO-05

Can Green Cleaning Make Ready the Public Realm for COVID-19?

Rathnasiri A.K.N.E*, De Silva N and Wijesundara K.W.J.P

Abstract ID: RSO-11

Development of Novel Therapeutics for COVID-19

Herath C.B*, Hettiarachchi S, Guruge K.S, Wijayagunawardane M.P.B, Rajapaksha H.K, and Seneweera S
12.00-12.10 pm

Abstract ID: SCO-06

COVID-19 and the Pandemic of Hate Speech in Sri Lanka

Silva K.T*

Abstract ID: ENO-06

Significance of Sustainable Urban Planning and Development in Pandemic Scenario, COVID-19; Social, Economic and Environmental Perspectives in Sri Lanka

Gunarathna U*, Bandara C.S and Dissanayake P.B.R

Abstract ID: RSO-12

WGS Metagenomics Vs Targeted Sequencing: Which is Better for Pathogen Identification and Characterization

Jeewandra C, Jayathilaka D.C, Ranasinghe D.S*, Ariyaratne M.H.J.D, Gomes L, Wijewickrama A, Karunaratne M, Ogg G.S and Malavige G.N

12.10-12.20 pm

Abstract ID: SCO-07

Social Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic in Sri Lanka and its Implications for achieving SDG’s

Hettige S*

Abstract ID: RSO-13

Development of a New Catheter Device to Improve Patient’s Quality of Life and Reduction of Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infection for Long Term Folly’s Catheter Users

Jayarathna D.G.A.I*
12.20-12.30 pm

Abstract ID: SCO-08

Sri Lanka’s Recovery Under the New Normal: The Need for a Paradigm Change

Pinnawala S.K*



12.30-01.00 pm Lunch

National Science Foundation,
47/5 Maitland Place,
Colombo 07.