Theme 4
Mental Health & Well-Being
Prof. Athula Sumathipala
Prof. Piyanjali de Zoysa
Theme 2
Prof. Dilanthi Amaratunga
Dr Nishara Fernando
Theme 6
Building a robust and resilient supply chain

Prof. Ajantha S. Dharmasiri
Dr Trevor Mendis
4.40-4.50 pm

Abstract ID: MWO-01

Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on the Subjective Wellbeing of the Executives in Private and Public Sector Organisations in SriLanka

Nagasena P.M.C.P*1, Weragoda R.B.L1,Dharmasiri A.S2

Abstract ID: RLO-13

A More Decentralized Governance Framework for Pandemic Response: A Multi-StakeholderApproach for COVID-19 Preparedness and Planning in Sri Lanka

Kamalrathne T*, Amaratunga D, Haigh R

Abstract ID: BRSO-01

Analysis of Correlation of Risks in the Supply Chain Disruption in Apparel Industry during an Epidemic Outbreak

Perera M.A.S.M*, Wijayanayake A, Peter S

4.50-5.00 pm

Abstract ID: MWO-02

The Impact of Personality Dimensions and Associated Factors on COVID-19 Pandemic Related Risk Perception and Adherence Behaviour among University Undergraduates

Gunawardena T.J*, Dissanayake G.R.K, Bulathwatte A, Perera P.Y.O, Rathnayake R.M, Nirmani P.M.G.U, Hettiarachchi N.


Abstract ID: BRSO-02

Survey on Online Receipt of Prescriptions and Island Wide Door-step Delivery of Medicine through Rajya OsuSala and Private Pharmacies during COVID-19 Outbreak of Sri Lanka

Wickramasinghe S.C*, Kumarapeli V, Fernando N, Wickramasighe A, Perera U, Senaratne A

4.50- 5.00 pm

Abstract ID: MWO-03

Alcohol and Tobacco Usage during theCOVID-19 Situation in Sri Lanka

De Seram H.S*, Tenna A.O.B; SumanasekaraP; Ranchigoda T.E; Selladurai N

Theme 06

Research, Invention and Innovation

Prof. Ajith De Alwis
Mr Manju Gunawardena
Abstract ID: RSO-01
A Low-Cost Video Laryngoscope
Herath A* and Ambillapitiya T

Abstract ID: BRSO-03

Ensuring Uninterrupted Services for Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) PatientsDuring COVID-19 Pandemic: Best Practices from Sri Lanka

Wickramasinghe S.C, Kumarapeli V*, Wickramasinghe A, Fernando N, Perera U, Senaratne A, Samarakoon Y, Talagala I.A, Gunawardena S, Sirithunga S, Perera C, Abeygunathilaka D.N, Nilaweera L, Kanchana G.D.T, Marikkar T.N, AbeykoonP.K, Rajasinghe S, Kandasamy C, MohideenS and Rodrigo U.H.C

5.00- 5.10 pm

Abstract ID: MWO-04

Nurses’ Experiences of Personal Protective Equipment and COVID-19: Point to Ponder

Wickramarachchi B*1, Samanmalie M.B.L 2, Hettiarachchi M3, Perera B4

Abstract ID: RSO-02

Antimicrobial Effect of Newly Formulated Herbal Layer to Prevent Airborne Diseases

Jayaweera S.D.N.H*, Rajapaksha R.M.M.D and Ambillapitiya T

Abstract ID: BRSO-04

Sri Lankan Supply Chains - Lessons Learntduring COVID-19

Herath H.M.R.P* and De Alwis G

5.00-5.10 pm

Invited Speech 

Grass root level people's involvement and engagement during COVID pandemic to empower the community.

Dr Duminda Gurege

Head of the Health Promotion Dept at Rajarata University Faculty of Allied Sciences







Abstract ID: RSO-03

Distant ENT Examiner

Rizny M.S.M* and Ambillaitiya T

Abstract ID: BRSO-05

Lessons Learnt to Build a Robust and Resilient Agricultural Community and Agricultural Economy in Vavuniya in Pandemics

Karunainathan T*

 5.10-5.20 pm

Abstract ID: RSO-04

Fight Against COVID-19” Programme Conducted by the Sri Lanka Inventors Commission

Rathnayake D.M.L*, Dolawatta N.N.W andHalwatura R.U

Abstract ID: BRSO-06

Healthcare Supply Chains in Sri Lanka: Responsiveness and Resilience during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Durairatnam S*, de Alwis G and Sohal A

 5.20-5.30 pm

Abstract ID: RSO-05

Horizontal/Vertical Collapsible Low-Cost FaceShield

Thamel W.S.R*

5.30-5.40 pm  

Abstract ID: RSO-06

Low-Cost Negative Pressure Isolation Chamber

Kerner V* and Karunathilake C

5.40-5.50 pm   Discussion  

National Science Foundation,
47/5 Maitland Place,
Colombo 07.