Theme 1
Dr Palitha Abeykoon
Prof. Saroj Jayasinghe
Theme 2
Prof. Dilanthi Amaratunga
Dr Nishara Fernando
Theme 3
Dr Nishan De Mel
Prof. Oscar Amarasinghe
Ms. Subhashini Abeysinghe
2.30 -2.40 pm

Abstract ID: HLO-01

Estimation of the Basic Reproduction Number(R0) for the Novel Coronavirus Disease in SriLanka Using the Navy Cluster

Abeyagunawardena I.A*, Sudaraka M.D. andDharmarathne S.D

Abstract ID: RLO-01

Reopening of Schools under COVID-19 Pandemic Situation

Gunasekera P.W.N.P*

Abstract ID: ECO-01

Monetary-Fiscal-Macroprudential Policy in SriLanka during COVID-19

Peiris M.U*

2.40 - 2.50 pm

Abstract ID: HLO-02

Data Driven Decision Making (DDDM) for Covid-19 in Sri Lanka

Peiris T.S.G*

Abstract ID: RLO-02

An Investigation of Existing Early Warning Systems, and the Feasibility of its infrastructure on Preparedness Planning for Epidemics and Pandemics

Siriwardana C.S.A, Jayasekera R*,Amaratunga and, Haigh R

Abstract ID: ECO-02

Rethinking Sri Lanka’s Industrialisation Strategy: Achievements, Lost Opportunities and Prospects

Athukorala P*and Warusavitarana A

2.50 -3.00 pm

Abstract ID: HLO-03

Mitigating COVID-19 Transmission in SriLanka: A Mathematical Outlook for Decision Support

Ganegoda N.C*, Perera S.S.N, Götz T, WijayaK.P, Jayathunga Y , Peiris H.O.W, Meththananda R.G.U.I, Erandi K.K.W.H, Meththananda R.G.U.I, Erandi K.K.W.H, Gamachchige R.N and Thrimavithana R.T

Abstract ID: RLO-03

Application of Social Network Analysis to Evaluate the Stakeholders in Effective Preparedness Planning for Epidemics and Pandemics

Siriwardana C.S.A*, Jayasekera R,Siriwardana C.S.A*, Jayasekera R,Amaratunga D, Haigh R, Herath H,Ranweera P and, Ariyasinghe U

Abstract ID: ECO-03

Impact of Covid-19 on Sri Lanka’s Exports: A Quantitative Assessment

Dunusinghe P*

3.00– 3.10 pm

Abstract ID: HLO-04

Guiding the Front-liners to Face the Pandemic: Story of Preparing Guidelines for Sri Lankan Primary Care for COVID-19

Mendis K, de Silva A.H.W*, Anthony A,Randenikumara S, Withana S, Arulanandem K,Atapattu C, Halambarachchige P, KotugodellaD5, Muthugala R, Perera A, Ratnam G, SenaratneL, Seneviratne S, Silva S, Weerasinghe T andWickramasinghe R

Abstract ID: RLO-04

COVID-19- Best Practices of Responding,
Re-Opening, and Recovery: Lessons from
the UK

Hemachandra K*, Amaratunga D, Haigh R

Abstract ID: ECO-04

Post-COVID-19: Can the Sri Lankan ApparelSector Benefit from US-China Decoupling? A Statistical Analysis

Abeysinghe S, Arangala M.L*

3.10-3.20 pm

Abstract ID: HLO-05

Chest Radiograph Features of 133 Patients with COVID-19: Findings of a Multicentre Study

Liyanage U.A*, Abewardana K, Gunasekara
P.A.D, De Mel V.P.R.S, Ranatunga R.M.A.S,
Lakmal K, Palihawadana S.H, De Silva and
Weliange A.A.S.H1

Abstract ID: RLO-05

Towards Broadening the Scope of Disaster Risk Reduction: An Exploration of How Epidemic and Pandemic Preparedness is Currently Embedded within Existing Disaster Risk Reduction Planning in Sri Lanka

Fernando P.R.N*, Jayasinghe N,
Amaratunga D, Haigh R,
Siriwardana C.S.A and Jayaweera S

Abstract ID: ECO-05

Effects of Food Import Restrictions on Household Expenditures and Nutrition: Case of COVID-19 Induced Food Import Taxes in Sri Lanka

Nayanathara N*1, Weerahewa J2, Roy D3

3.20 -3.20 pm  Discussion  Discussion  Discussion
3.30-3.40 pm

Abstract ID: HLO-06

Effects of Vitamin D in Boosting Immunity and Prevention of COVID-19 and Its Complications

Wimalawansa S.J* and Polonowita A

Abstract ID: RLO-06

Settling the Ripples: An Examination of SriLanka’s Approach to Addressing Cascading Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Fernando P.R.N*, Jayasinghe N,Amaratunga D, Haigh R,Siriwardana C.S.A, Herath H, Ranweera P,Ariyasinghe U and Jayaweera S

Abstract ID: ECO-06

Effects of COVID-19 Induced Agri-food Trade Policies on Processed Food Exports from SouthAsia: A GTAP Analysis

Sahibzada S*1, Weerahewa J2

3.40-3.50 pm

Abstract ID: HLO-07

Mitigation of Post COVID-19 Disorders and Secondary Infections through Stimulation of Human Immunity and Direct Targeting of OrganPersisting Pathogens by Immunomodulatory Nano-Carriers Enriched Food Formulations

Jayasinghe J.A.S.M, Amunugoda P.N.R.J*,Arawwawala L.D.A.M, Abeyrathne P.A.B.P,Sarangapani C and, Karunaratne V

Abstract ID: RLO-07

Disaster Risk Governance and SystemicRisks: Policy Challenges Associated with the COVID-19 Pandemic Governance

Amaratunga D*, Haigh R, Kamalrathne T,Fernando P.R.N, Jayasinghe N andSiriwardana C.S.A

Abstract ID: ECO-07

COVID-19: Impact, Mitigation and Coping Strategies of Commercial Scale Vegetable Farmers in Sri Lanka

Dayarathne H.M.P.M*1, Sandika A.L 2

3.50-4.00 pm

Abstract ID: HLO-08

The Use of a Cloud-Based Electronic Health Record during COVID-19 Pandemic

Mendis K, De Silva A.H.W, Liyanage U.P,Weerasooriya C.T, Withana S.S*, RamanayakaR.P.J.C, Weerasinghe T.C, Ranaweerarachchi S,Rupasinghe K and Solangaarachchige M

Abstract ID: RLO-08

An Investigation of The Use of Social Media Platforms to Disseminate Hazard Information: With a Special Reference to COVID-19

Siriwardana C.S.A* and Jayasekera R

4.00-4.10 pm

Abstract ID: HLO-09

The Economics of COVID-19 in Sri Lanka: Direct and Indirect Costs

Gamage A*, Kenneth A, Samarawickrama M,and De Silva A

Abstract ID: RLO-09

Impact of COVID-Related Plastic Waste –Case of Sri Lanka

Jayasinghe R.R, Lythgoe D*, Liyanage C,Williams K and Halwatura R

Theme 6:


Chair: Prof. Ajantha S. Dharmasiri Co-Chair: Dr Lloyd Fernando

Abstract ID: GVO-01

Emerging Archetypes in Pandemic Disaster Responses: The Use of Context-Specific Incident Command System in Responding to COVID-19 in Sri Lanka

Jayasinghe K1, Prasanna R2, Wijesinghe C*3,Wijethilake C1

4.10-4.20 pm

Abstract ID: HLO-10

An Audit on Implementation of the Hospital Preparedness Programme to Prevent COVID-19 in Nuwaraeliya District Sri Lanka in 2020

Amarasena W.D.J.K*, Senevirathna S.S.H.M.S.W.W.G.M, Wijewickrama R.G.P.N.K, Premasiri D.G.K.M.M, Liyanage A.L.L.S.K, Perera I.N.G, Thalagala D.S and, Dharmaratne S.D

Abstract ID: RLO-10A

Insights through a Transboundary Crisis Management Lens: Role of the Disaster Preparedness and Response Division during Covid-19 Response

Wijesekara N.W.A.N.Y*

Abstract ID: GVO-02

Tax Administration and Governance in Transfer Pricing in Post-COVID-19 Transition

Uwais A.C *1, Rathnayake S2

4.20-4.30 pm Discussion

Abstract ID: RLO-11

Health Resilient Cities in a Post-COVID World: Condominium Development in SriLanka

Dias N*, Abeynayake C, Amaratunga D, Haigh R, Jayakody C and Jayasinghe A

Abstract ID: GVO-03

The Importance of Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPs) Agreement During COVID 19 Pandemic to Encourage Research, Innovations and Commercialization

Hirimuthugodage D*

4.30-4.40 pm Screen break

Abstract ID: RLO-12

Integrating Pandemic and Epidemic into Disaster Management and Disaster Risk Reduction Mechanisms of Sri Lanka: Status Quo of the Local Government Authorities

Hemachandra K*, Amaratunga D, HaighR, Goonesekera H and Fernando P.R.N


National Science Foundation,
47/5 Maitland Place,
Colombo 07.