12.00-01.00 pm | Co-Chairs : Dr Sirimal Premakumara and Prof. Chandani Liyanage

HLP-01  Healthcare Needs and Strategies Used by the General Public During the Lockdown Period due to COVID 19, Kommalage M*, Kommalage S
 HLP-02 Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices on COVID-19 among Medical Students in Sri Lanka. Padmasiri M.S.N, Dharani U.G.A.N*, Matthias A.T,
 HLP-03 SARS-COV-2 Specific IGM and IG Response among Quarantined Healthcare Workers following Exposure to COVID-19 Confirmed Co-Workers in a University Hospital, Sri Lanka. Govindapala D.S*, Nakkawita W.M.I.D, Senaratne U.T.N, Jayasena D.H, Jayasekara M.M.P.T,Navaratne P.B.V, Abeygoonawardhena H, Gamage P and De Silva A.
 HLP-04 Establishment of Healthcare Facility at Iranawila, for COVID-19 Patients in Sri Lanka. Dharmaratne G.S.K*, Mallawarachchi S.M.N.S.M, Ponweera D, Fernando R.M.S.D.
 HLP-05 Use of Artificial Intelligence in Prevention and Mitigation of COVID-19: A Review. Rathnayake S.B.A.S.M*, Dharmaratne S.D, Ekanayake M.P.B, Godaliyadda G.M.R.I, Herath H.M.V.R, Ekanayake J.B
 MWP-01 Learning and Mental Well-being Challenges Faced by the Physical Science Undergraduates of the Faculty of Science, University of Kelaniya during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Chandrasekara N.V*, Weerasinghe W.P.M.C.N and Basnayake B.R.P.M
 MWP-02 Mitigating the ‘Shadow Pandemic’ of COVID-19: A Project by Undergraduates of a University in Sri Lanka , De Zoysa P*, Wijesena V, Iqbal, Gunasekara M, Randombage Y, Niyaz A, Upeka S, Fernando A, Fonseka R, Ranasinghe N.
 MWP-03 Lived Experiences of Sri Lankans Hospitalised with COVID-19: A Mixed Method Study. Jabir S*, Jayaweera K, Dissanayake L, Ediriweera I, Weerasinghe N, Jayasinghe K, Abhayasinghe K, Lokugamhewa B, Wijewickrama A, Hewamalage A, Fernando B, Kumarendran B, Liyanage C, Wickramasinghe E., Abeysinghe N., Wijeymuni R., Agampodi S., Makuloluwa T. and Sumathipala A
MWP-04 Impact of COVID-19 Global Pandemic on the Psychological and Behavioural Patterns of a Group of Youth and Young Adults Repatriated Back to Sri Lanka from the UK: A Qualitative Study Abhayasinghe K, Weerasinghe N*, Dissanayake L, Karunaratne T, Jayasinghe K, Hewamulla M, Guruge N and Sumathipala A
ECP-01 Socio-Economic Impact of COVID-19 on Ornamental Fish Farmers in Sri Lanka. Sharma U.N.S*, Hirimuthugoda N.Y, Perera P.W.A and Rajapaksha W.
BRSP-01 Mobile Survey on Utilization of Services for Medicine Distribution for the Patients with Non-Communicable Diseases during the COVID 19 Outbreak in Sri Lanka 2020. Wickramasinghe S.C, Kumarapeli V, Senaratne A, Abeygunathilaka D.N, Song S and Perera U*
RSP-01 Rapid Sequencing of SARS-CoV2 Virus Strains in Sri Lanka. Jeewandra C, Jayathilaka D.C., Ariyaratne M.H.J.D*, Gomes L, Ranasinghe D.S, Wijewickrama A, Karunaratne M, Ogg G.S, Malavige G.N.

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