General Objective

To produce a comprehensive and authoritative scholarly volume on how to manage a pandemic to minimize its economic, social and psychological impact

Specific Objectives  

  1. To collect, collate, systematize, analyze, interpret, and document information and data gathered on important aspects of the impact of and recovery from COVID-19
  2. To document lessons learnt, best practices and strategies identified, innovations achieved, and knowledge and experience gained in combatting the pandemic, mitigating its impact and building resilience
  3. To determine and address needs in human capital development and capacity building to plan, prepare, manage and recover in pandemic situations and build resilience
  4. To ascertain and address logistical deficiencies and inadequacies in infrastructure and competencies for developing effective and robust relief operations and supply chains in crisis situations
  5. To learn from failures and successes of other countries in combating COVID-19
  6. To formulate policies to combat any future epidemics and pandemics effectively with minimal impact and improved resilience based on lessons learnt

National Science Foundation,
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Colombo 07.