• Extended abstract (word limit 800; maximum three (03) pages; page numbers should be included).
  • Basic format of the extended abstract:
    • Paper size      : A 4
    • Margins         : All margins 2.5 cm (1 inch)
    • Font               : Times New Roman
    • Spelling         : British type
    • Line spacing  : Single
    • Spacing          : Before 0 pt, After 0 pt
    • Abbreviations: Should be cited in full at first occurrence except for standards.
Paragraph                                 - Justified, No indent, No extra spacing before or after, No special effects
Insert – Picture                          - Yes, for Figure and Table (Maximum 2)
Insert – Text Box                       - Yes, for Figure or Table titles, if any (Maximum 2)
Format – Text Box – layout        - Wrapping style = Square, Horizontal alignment = Left or Right
Flow-charts                               - Inside a Text Box with a font size of 10 – 11 pt.
  • Should consist of the following sections: Title, Introduction (with objectives), Methodology, Results, Discussion (or R & D combined), Conclusions (if relevant), References, No Acknowledgement.
  • The use of graphs and charts (generated electronically) is encouraged, Graphics and photographs (scanned) could be included only if essential. Chemical structures and reactions may be included. All these should be with the sub-title and a relevant description or caption below the item. Tables (a maximum of 2) should have a caption on top and be numbered using Arabic numerals.
  • References: only a few essential references should be included. The following format should be used:

Name(s) of author(s) with initials, year within parenthesis, title of the journal in italics, volume in bold face, page number(s). E.g.: Gunawardhana, H.D. and Sugathapala, P., (1989) Analyst, 115, 215- 218

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